Project Solutions - Banking and Healthcare Industry

Electrical power is the lifeline of any hospital and healthcare field. All the computers, medical equipment, lifeline equipment, operation equipment, etc. need consistent 24/7 power supply. Loss of power can endanger lives of patients – so having a backup power generator is absolutely needed. In the event of a power outage – hospitals automatically switch to standby generators for instant power. This ensures all departments to continue to function with minimal interruption. Power can be lost due to several reasons – natural, like a storm, earthquake or man-made, like terrorism, faulty equipment, etc. Onsite power generators ensure that whatever the cause – the lives of patients are not endangered.

Banks are regulated in many countries and it is the lifeblood of the economy. A power outage can cause chaos, and long-term power outages can cause the local economy to come to a standstill. For big financial institutions and clearing housing, downtime can impact the global economy. In an industry where transactions are carried out in thousands of Rand every day, power outages make it unable to carry out crucial transactions on time for financial corporations. Power outages can cripple both its seasonal and daily operations. The banks should take into account as to which is the most efficient way to protect its customers. With technology advancing, mobile and online banking is the quickest way for a customer to see their statements. If there is an outage causing the bank’s power to go down, it could cause their online system and phones to go down as well. There are some people that find comfort in knowing that their money is safe at all times. Without that communication, it would cause a slight panic. It is always a good idea to have a backup generator to bring the systems back up immediately while the main power source is being fixed.

Banks and Financial institutions must have the necessary power back solutions needed to operate 24/7. A backup power generator allows banks to remain operational during extended outages. Thus, banks can continually process background transactions, serve their customers and grow even in the event of any natural disaster. At NetCom Dynamics Africa, we have the fully enclosed and sound attenuated models, which are engineered to run as quietly as possible; making them well suited for businesses where sound may be a factor.

Our applications supporting the Banking and Hospital Industry include:

  • Communication equipment – which enables doctors to communicate and remotely monitor patients, depends on power. Any loss of power could be disastrous.
  • Advanced lifeline equipment for patients need a continuous uninterruptible source of power supply.
  • Surgeons performing an operation cannot afford to have a power outage for any reason, this is crucial for the patient’s life.
  • Automated monitoring machines – like heart monitors, lung monitors, etc. need to have a continuous power supply.
  • Hospitals need constant power as lives are at stake.
  • Banks are the lifeblood of the economy.
  • Long-term power outages can cause the local economy to come to a standstill.
  • For big financial institutions and clearing housing, downtime can impact the global economy.
  • Temporary utility solutions for turnarounds and shutdowns.
  • Power and electrical distribution solutions for utility loss.
  • Complete turnkey service for full project execution.
  • Contingency planning preparation to minimise downtime in emergencies.
  • Power to remote locations.
  • Turnkey packages complete with fuel management.
  • Onsite technical support.
  • Emergency power backup.
  • Site and load analysis surveys to identify current needs.