Generator Control Panels

Any complex piece of machinery requires a user interface to enable the user to monitor its operations, check for efficient functioning, and intervene when required. Machines overheat, slow down, speed up or generally vary in their performance based on numerous factors such as fatigue, weather conditions, and the wear and tear of components and parts. In electrical machines, like generators, these varying changes constitute an electrical signal. These signals can be intelligently processed to control the performance of the machine. A lot of machines in urban environments (such as signal lights and automatic doors) are completely self-managed due to such controllers. They have sensors that can detect changes in physical attributes like heat and speed and generate signals accordingly. Modern generators also have similar sensors to detect changes in all kinds of various parameters. These can be used to control the generator through a control panel.

NetCom Dynamics Africa designs, manufactures and supplies any combination of electrical and engine control Panels. We use the latest technology available. NetCom Dynamics Africa can custom design and manufacture PLC control panels, mainly for the Generator industry. The possibilities are endless and new technology can be added to these panels. SMS technology can be used for starting and stopping, or just for information on the system. Tamper proofing can also be added on all panel doors to prevent copper thieves entering the panel. Low fuel level systems and fire prevention system are commonly fitted. Remote start facilities are also available.

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