Project Solutions - Telecoms Industry

For many telecoms companies the ability to perform needs assessments and disaster recovery plans, well in advance of any system upset, is critical. NetCom Dynamics Africa can supply mission critical generator sets to the telecoms industry that meets all the challenges of the telecoms industry, offering the best equipment for temporary power and utility needs. Data centres are perhaps the most essential key to the information infrastructure of the country. Whether it is for a mobile app developer, or a nationwide communications company, data centres are used by a wide array of businesses to hold their information secure. Communication and information exchange would not be possible without data centres. Due to today’s dependence on constant communication, and consequential information sharing, it is necessary for a data centre to remain in operation at all times. What’s more, the power supply to such data centres must be guaranteed. If the power supply to a data centre is disrupted for any amount of time, it will be unable to serve its main function of storing data. If the power supply is abruptly cut off from a data centre, there is also the unfortunate possibility of information loss or damage to the data centre.

As you can see, it is entirely necessary for data centres to remain in operation 24/7 without having power compromised. To ensure a data centre stays up and running at all times, having a backup power source is entirely necessary. Cloud and mobile information technology companies are most vulnerable to a lack of backup power. It is vital to the success of such companies to have an onsite power generator for emergency power. The tech industry relies heavily upon the use of backup and emergency power generators to ensure their systems are always running smoothly. NetCom Dynamics Africa offers reliable, clean and cost-effective backup power solutions. Whether it is onsite or portable backup generators, NetCom Dynamics Africa has it covered.

Our applications supporting the Telecoms Industry include:

  • Temporary utility solutions for turnarounds and shutdowns.
  • Power and electrical distribution solutions for utility loss.
  • Complete turnkey service for full project execution.
  • Contingency planning preparation to minimise downtime in emergencies.
  • Power to remote locations.
  • Turnkey packages complete with fuel management.
  • Onsite technical support.
  • Emergency power backup.
  • Site and load analysis surveys to identify current needs.